Viply’s Mobile App

Process from App download to Check-in (Scan-in)

Step 1 – Download App

NOTE: Users must have an iPhone 4S or higher in order to make purchases. Works on most Android devices.



Step 2 – Create Account

Create Account with E-mail & Password
via Facebook Login

Step 3 – Select Business Nearby

  • Search and select a business nearby to purchase your pass.

Step 4 – Search by Map (Optional)

  • You can also search and select business by Geo-Location.

Step 5 – Select Pass of Choice

  • Review and select business venue’s pass of interest.

Step 6 – Purchase Pass

Reminder: Users must have an iPhone 4S or higher in order to make purchases.

  • Be sure to review pass price, parameters, description, and terms.

  • Simply tap the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Step 7 – Select Amount

  • Choose number of passes you would like to purchase.

NOTE: You may be limited by business on how many passes you can purchase.

Step 8 – Request for Information

  • The pass you select may require you to enter your Name, Age, Gender and Address. (Example: Adult over 21). You will only have to do this once.

Step 9 – Enter Credit or Debit Card

Reminder: Users must have an iPhone 4S or higher OR Android device in order to make purchases.

  • Enter your credit or debit card of choice. Enter expiration date.

  • Cards Excepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner’s Club

Step 10 – Confirm Purchase

  • Review amount and tap ‘Confirm Purchase’ button at the bottom.

Step 11 – View Pass

  • View pass either under ‘My Passes’ (lower right) or venue pass.

  • Will show pass parameters, # of passes available to use, description and term.

  • You may have the ability to ‘Buy More’ or ‘Scan Now’ at venue location.

Step 12 – Scan/Check in

  • At business location, check-in by tapping middle lower blue button or ‘Scan Now’ button.

  • Your mobile device scanner will launch.

  • Point at Viply code on display at business location.

Step 13 – Business ‘Check-in’ Code

  • Point your mobile device scanner at code on display at business location and entrance points.

Step 14 – Select # Passes to be Used

  • Select number of passes to be used when scanning / checking in.

Step 15 – Show Validation Screen to Attendant

  • A validation screen will launch on the app which needs to be shown to the business attendant. Will show your name, # passes being used, date of expiration.

NOTE: The business may hand you a physical badge, wristband, or pass card upon scan-in & validation.

Things you need to know:

Your Credit Card Statement will record your charges as ‘BT VIPLY, DATE and CHARGE AMOUNT

Your App ‘Settings’: Tap upper right menu bar to manage:

  • Account Settings: To adjust personal settings
  • Purchase History: A record of all your purchase transactions
  • Notifications: Review or delete previous business notifications
  • Manage or change credit / debit card information
  • Contact Viply support

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