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FAQ’s (Businesses)

Any established business, organization, or individual stake-holder seeking a turnkey solution to create, offer, sell, track, manage mobile access passes to their customers and potential guests.
Yes. Once you sign up for an account, Viply requests information about your business or organization directly, runs a background check and verifies this against real-world business credentials obtained from state governments, business registration, business or organization websites, and direct live contact via business or organization phone. Additionally, Viply confirms the initial business contact for your account has authorization for exercising, executing, and managing the agreement between Viply and your business venue. Approval process typically takes between 24 to 48 hours to complete – An e-mail confirmation and verification link will be sent to you. This process is imperative to ensure true validity of your organization and to eliminate potential fraud.
Utilizing the business platform is made simple and easy. Viply assigns a dedicated Success Consultant to your business to ensure that our solution works best for you. Our team will walk you through the steps to set up your pass program, stage the check in process, promote pass products, create promotional campaigns and talk through program’s data. Talk to a live human being who understands your goals and customers needs. For ongoing technical questions, Viply support specialists are available during regular business hours.
Businesses get paid after a designated holding period of 2 – 7 days (depending on selected account set-up) to address possible disputes, refunds, and user fraud. Transactions on business’ ‘access pass’ products sold are released and deposited automatically via direct deposit into their designated bank account. It’s that simple.
We accept most credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.
Yes. The minimum amount you can charge is $1.00. Our system does not allow you to sell any pass products below $1.00.
Yes. Of course. However, we encourage organizations to create and promote value around their venue and the services they offer.
Yes. Viply’s solution includes a notification and campaign platform to keep your customers updated on special offers, upcoming events and important announcements at your venue. All in your control.
It’s free to sign up. Once you create and sell your customized access passes, a nominal transactional convenience fee is applied on all billable products sold within your account. This fee is negotiated between your organization and a dedicated Viply consultant. This fee goes to getting your organization more customers, improved tools and features giving you more options to create better products and ongoing platform maintenance.
No. You and your customers or guests are free to use the Viply application at no charge.
No. Standard business, user and privacy terms apply, however you can terminate your account at anytime.
We’ll send you a 1099 form that you will use to report the income you made using Viply.

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Phone: (732) 800-1771

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FAQ’s (Users)

The Viply platform enables all types of organizations to create customized mobile access passes enabling you, the user, quick, efficient, and sometimes exclusive access to clubs, sporting events, racing events, concerts, VIP entry, entertainment events, beaches, charity events, festivals and more…
Wherever Viply is offered. Download the app for free and see which venues are listed in your area and across the country.
Download the app through Apple iTunes or Google Play App Stores
Download the app and register. You will receive an e-mail notification confirming your registration. It only takes a few seconds.
In order to keep Viply running smoothly and prevent bugs from interfering with your experience, please ensure your phone has the latest iOS and Android software versions for optimal app performance.
Viply is only available with most iOS and Android smartphone devices and the latest tablets with camera features.
Once you’ve downloaded the Viply app (link), either click the ‘Nearby’ button or type in the venue you are seeking in the ‘Search’ field. You will be able to see the venue’s background information and ‘Access Pass’ products offered. Select the access pass you are interested in, purchase (unless free) and start using. It’s usually a two-step process: Tap the ‘Buy Now’ button and next, ‘Confirm Purchase’ button.
Prior to purchasing some passes, some business may request or require additional information from you, including basic background information, address, or question of interest. In some cases, this information may be required in order to purchase a businesses access pass. Please note, only the business requesting additional information are allowed to view this information.
We accept most credit and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.
Launch the Viply app on your phone. Once your logged in, tap the ‘[ ]’ highlighted in blue at the bottom of screen – This will launch your scanner. Point the scanner at the venue’s QR code which should be visible at the venue’s entrance point. You will see a confirmation for your check-in which you need to show the venue’s attendant. For security, alternative screens will launch notifying you if a pass has been used or is expired.
Your privacy matters at Viply and our primary goal in collecting your personal or usage information is to provide you with the optimal enhanced experience when using our services. Viply or the business venues you obtain pass products from may, from time to time, forward you notifications or specific content that is most relevant to you.
You must be 13 years of age, however, you must meet the age requirements posted by certain venues in Viply’s business listings to gain access. Please check the venue’s informational page or ‘Terms’ to see if there is an age requirement before purchasing an access pass.
Using the latest Viply app for iPhone:

  1. Tap the account settings button in the top right corner
  2. Tap Payment
  3. Tap Add Payment
  4. Fill in your credit card information and zip (for security)
  5. Tap Save button
You can update your account information in the app:

  1. Open the account Settings menu in the upper right corner
  2. Select ‘Account Settings’
  3. Here you can change e-mail, name, picture, and password with your account
You’ll see the notifications pop-up on your phone, however, within the app to view all saved Notifications:

  1. Open the account Settings menu in the upper right corner
  2. Select ‘Notifications’
  3. Here you can view all notifications or delete by swiping and then touching ‘Delete’ button

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